50x.com – a unique exchange with advanced technology Any2Any

50x.com is a direct trade with any coin to any other with Any2Any technology. There is no need in top coins trading alt-coins anymore. And it’s not necessary to transfer your funds from one exchange to another to buy or sell the coin for the most favorable price. You can directly trade between any added coins at our exchange. Read more about Any2Any technology.

50x.com is a high liquidity in any currency pair. The exchange is a liquidity aggregator from other exchanges. It also uses domestic liquidity. Bittrex, Binance, Huobi are already connected and 12 more exchanges are ready to be fully connected. They will be connected right as necessary at once. That’s why, for a large order, there is no need to search for an exchange with the maximum liquidity of a coin. Making such deals with us, you will get an average price across the whole market. It is much more profitable than to run down the price or pump it up at another exchange.

50x.com is the highest security of funds. The developers of the exchange are professional programmers with high experience. They developed – as they say – the highest “paranoid” safety system. It is divided inside into 3 contours. The internal transactions are signed and deposited in the own blockchain. Only the part of them, that does not have access to the most protected information – cooperates with the “outside world”. All funds are tied up. The external hacking to exchange is impossible. So, it can be safely used to storage your funds.

50x.com is a user-friendly interface. The personal account of this exchange is created according to the SPA (Single Page Application) model – all functions and headings are on the same page. To switch over one click is enough and there is no need to download a new tab of a browser or reload the current page. The colors are fully customized in the “Settings” section. It allows working with comfortable interface’s colors.

50x.com is the opportunity to collect dividends. Anyone can become a stock-owner of exchange by buying STE tokens. The token’s smart contract allows for the distribution of 100% pure yield among 50Х token holders. The founders of exchange play the same game with other investors, because they are also the holders of some of these tokens and will receive their income with other shareholders. Read more about dividends in the article “Dividend token 50Х“. You can buy 50Х tokens in 50Х-Shop please visit Shop please visit.

50x.com is a profitable affiliate program. When we like a product or a store, we tell about it to our friends with a great pleasure. We are sure that you will like our exchange and you will tell your friends and others about it. In return, the exchange is ready to reward you 25-40% of commission, that will be paid by your invitees during the auction. They will also invite their friends and will receive a reward. You will receive 25% from the amount of their earnings by the affiliate program. Read more in the article “Affiliate Program”. You can register in the affiliate program at this link.

50x.com is a reliable сrypto-purse. The exchange has a simplified interface for stock-exchange quotation of any coins. It can be used even by a person that doesn’t understand in trading at all. Coupled with high security and low commissions, it allows to use the exchange as a crypto-purse.

50x.com means low commissions. Withdrawal fees are minimal, and there are no deposit fees. Commission on trading operations is 0.1-0.2%. Also, the trader receives a discount on trading commissions 50%, if he has A2A tokens on his balance.

50x.com is a quick and responsive support service. Many traders know that contacting to support service to some exchanges can be unanswered for months. Here, support service works very quickly and always solves the problem.

50x.com is the automatic trade. The API is already running here, so anyone who wants to use robots for trading can be connected.

A new useful feature will be added soon

Developers are constantly working to improve the exchange. In a short time we are waiting for the next updates:

Margin trading. Many traders use this trading method. Adding this feature will attract lots of new users.

Platform for copying transactions. For those who have no experience in trading, but wish to make money on the cryptomarket, it will be possible to copy the transactions of experienced traders. Statistics of traders will be available. The user will choose a trader, specify the scale of copying, and all transactions will be copied automatically. The trader will receive some commission from the copied transactions.

Advanced design. Now the team of developments is adding necessary tools and solving technical problems. After working with the functional, the design working is planned.


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