Dividend Token STE of Exchange 50x.com

The cryptocurrency exchange 50x.com has issued two tokens: a dividend token STE and a utility token A2A, through which all cross-currency trading and internal unified accounting are carrying. Read more about Any2Any technology and A2A token in the article “Unique Any2Any Technology (A2A) – what is this and how does it work?”. In this article let’s discuss in detail the following questions about STE dividend tokens:

  1. How will the income of exchange be distributed to pay dividends to STE holders?
  2. What size of dividend can STE token holders expect?
  3. Where and how is it more profitable to buy STE tokens?

How will the exchange’s income be distributed among STE holders?

Dividend token STE is unique. It’s holders will receive not only the fraction of exchange’s revenue. It will be divided 100% pure yield of exchange 50x.com on the STE token!

How it will be? The stock returns will be divided into 2 pools: 80% and 20%.

  1. 80% of the pure yield will be divided among all STE tokens. To receive this profit share, it will be no matter where were the STE tokens appropriated and how many times were they moved.
  2. 20% of pure yield will be divided to tokens, which weren’t moved between addresses after ICO or after purchase in STE SHOP at https://ste.50x.com. These tokens were called “primary”among investors. If the “primary” STE tokens are moved at least once, they become “secondary”. “Secondary” STE tokens will receive profits only from 80% of exchange 50x.com income. To receive dividends on your “primary” STE tokens, store them either on a digital wallet with support for the ERC-20 standard, or on a special exchange’s account on the STE(H).

Please note that: if you buy both types of STE dividend’s tokens, then keep them separate from each other. Differently, if you decide to move the part of the tokens, the primary ones will be sent at first and they will immediately lose their status.

Dividends will be received at the same address where you keep STE tokens monthly or quarterly. If your STE tokens are saved on the stock exchange on a special account STE(H), the dividends will be allocated daily (30% in ETH, 70% in A2A tokens). If your tokens are on the STE trading account, the dividends will be paid contemporary with the tokens on the blockchain’s addresses.

The actual address of the STE dividend token's contract (8 decimals) 

Total amount of tokens 47,142,857 STE

Already lost the status of "primary" about 2.5 million of STE tokens by November 2018.

Available to purchase "primary" 9 757 080 STE in STE SHOP (by 11.19.18)

What will be the dividend rate for the holders of STE tokens?

The dividend rate will depend on the size of the pure yield of exchange 50x.com. As has been mentioned above, all 100% of the net income of cryptocurrency exchange 50x.com will be divided between STE holders. To reach the net income, the exchange has to reach a stable amount of business approximately 10 million $ per day. And then, the higher the turnover of the exchange – the higher the amount of the dividends.

The developers of exchange don’t promise exact figures of income. For their part, they do everything so that the exchange has not only a unique technology, but also the most convenient trading terminal and the maximum set of tools for the trader and investor (for more information, see “50x.com – the unique exchange with progressive technology Any2Any“). It’s not possible to predict in what time the exchange will reach one or another turnovers. But for the understanding of overall picture, investors made approximate calculations of income per 1000 STE depending on the turnover of the exchange. These calculations are in the table:Table_dividends_50x.com_token_STE
The team of exchange 50x.com induces investors to look at business investments reasonably and it doesn’t sound rosy to attract more investments. The developers have already collected the necessary amount of finance for project vehicle still at ICO. So, now they consider the working with exchange’s functionality their major task. Developers advertising is planned approximately in August 2019. According to the plans, by this time the exchange should be comfortable enough for professional trading.

So, an investor has to understand, that the purchase of STE dividend tokens is a long-term investment.

Where and how is it more profitable to buy STE dividend tokens?

You can buy STE dividend tokens in 2 ways:

  1. STE SHOP is a special STE token shop. It sells “primary” tokens, that will participate in the distribution of profits from both pools 80 and 20%. STE SHOP was opened at the end of October. The initial price was 4 ETH for 1000 STE. Then, it increases in proportion to the balance of tokens in the store. Every next buyer gets a price higher than the previous one. That’s why, when you are planning the purchase of STE tokens in STE SHOP, you should not put it off. You can view the current price of STE tokens and purchase them at this link (don’t use the translator in the browser on buying and don’t pay from the address of exchange).
  2. Exchange 50x.com – here STE tokens can be bought for any currency, placed on the exchange. Only the trading by “secondary” STE tokens is used here, so they will participate only in the distribution of 80% of exchange income. The price is determined by the market. Go to the exchange…

Where is it better to buy STE tokens? The answer on this question will be changed with the course of time. So, compare prices and count before buying to learn, what will be more profitable for you.

You should keep in mind that the “primary” STE tokens over time will bring more and more return income in comparison with the “secondary”. This conclusion comes from profit mechanics. With price advance on the token at the stock exchange, some owners of the “primary” tokens will sell them, and the sold tokens will go into the category of “secondary”. Therefore, 20% of the profits will be charged on a smaller amount of STE tokens. It will increase the fraction of each individual token. Meantime, the fraction of income for each individual “secondary” token will not change.

You can also take into account that in case of need to sell “secondary” tokens is much easier psychologically. You will know, that you won’t lose the “primacy” of tokens. So, for many people, the most viable option is to divide the investment: to buy one part in STE SHOP, and another part on the Exchange 50x.com.

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