Referral Affiliate Program of exchange – registration and rules

Cryptocurrency exchange at the startup of the final release introduced an affiliate program for its users. This program lets to gain income by inviting new traders, partners or investors to exchange. It is named 50×50 and has its own site 50х50. In this article we’ll consider:

  1. What are the income options on the 50х50 referral program?
  2. How to create login at the program 50х50 and become a partner of exchange
  3. How to look your reward balance on an affiliate program and take off funds?

How does the referral program of exchange work?

The affiliate referral program of exchange enable to gain income in 3 directions. Let’s look all these 3 sources of income in the program 50х50: according to what system and what percentage terms are allocated on the referrals?

  • The per cent from trading commission of attracted trader.
    For making transactions on exchange, each user pays a fee of 0.05-0.2% of the transaction amount. Minimum of 25% by the amount of commission is transferred to the person who invited this member. For example, you invited an active trader who made a lot of transactions during the day and paid a total of $80 commission. You will be accounted for 25% from this sum of money, i.e. $20. All affiliate program charging is made in Ethereum.
    A reward of 25% from the trade commission is the minimum that all partners receive. Who actively invites new traders on the exchange – will receive more. The 50х50 system takes into account the number of active traders registered by your link every day, and advances the bonus on the following conditions:
    – If there are more than 10 active users, you will get 30%.
    – If more than 100 active users – 35%.
    – If more than 1000 active users – 40%.
  • Per cent of in-STE SHOP purchases.
    STE SHOP is special to sell STE dividend tokens (read more in the article: “Dividend Token 50X of Exchange“). You can invite investors to purchase tokens in STE SHOP. You’ll get 5% of the purchase amount.
  • Per cent of engaged user’s affiliate income.
    The user, that you got onboard – can become a partner too. You’ll be accounted for 25% of any income received by him from the referral program of exchange This rule makes the affiliate program multi-layered. For example, Basil invited Peter, Peter invited Nick and Nick invited Alex. The income distribution will be the following: Alex gained $100 in affiliate program today, so Nick will receive 25%, i.e. $25, and Peter will receive 25% of $25, i.e. $6.25, in turn, Basil will receive 25% of $6.25, i.e. $1.56. The distribution is as long as the amount to be paid will be less than 0.00000001 ETH.

All 3 sources of income for the affiliate program are working at one time. As it’s in the title of the 50х50 affiliate program, the exchange divides up to 50% of trade commissions for the referral program. How does the referral affiliate program 50х50 of exchange work, you can see on the diagram with concrete examples:Схема работы реферальной партнерской программы 50х50 биржи 50х.com
The referral accounting system works on the principle «the first and last click». When a user registers on the exchange, the system checks for whose link he has gone before registering. It also checks for whose link he has learned about exchange at first. If these links are different, the program distributes the compensation between both partners equally.

How to become a member of the 50×50 affiliate program?

You can become a member of the 50х50 program in 2 steps:

1) Go to website of the program 50×50 at this link;
2) Enter your Ethereum digital wallet in a special field, then press the “JOIN” button. To the address of digital wallet the income will be turned out.Affiliate_program_registration_50x50
That’s all! Now you’re a member of affiliate program 50х50. Your referral links will be on the page:How to get the referral link of the exchange
You’ll have different numbers at the end of each link. Copy all 3 links. They should be used for different purposes:
1) To… – this is a referral link to the exchange. A person will get to the page with the trading terminal of exchange and create login.
2) To the STE SHOP:… – it is your link to STE SHOP, where an investor can buy STE tokens dividend.
3) 50×50 program:… – this link can be used for registration of the partners in the 50×50 referral program.

How to look 50×50 rewards balance and pull funds?

To check referral charges or statistics at your 50х50 account, click×50/. Scroll in the bottom of the page. You’ll see a field for entering Ethereum digital wallet with such title:Checking_the_balance_of_the_referral_program_50х50
Enter the digital wallet, that you specified in registering for program 50х50 and press “SHOW THE BALANCE”. There will be the current statistics :

In place of red Х you will see the current data of your statistics.

What do the points at the statistics of the referral program mean?
STE Shop profit – the income from purchases of STE dividend tokens in STE SHOP from investors attracted by you;
Commissions profit – the income from trade commissions of traders attracted by you;
Registered partners – the quantity of partners involved in the 50х50 program;
Registered users on – the quantity of members of exchange attracted by you;
Clicks – the total number of clicks on your referral link;
Unique Clicks – the number of unique clicks on your referral link (approximately reflects the number of unique people).

How to get referral fees? You need to write your digital wallet’s number, as well as for checking balance, then press “WITHDRAW”. It is visible if your balance is more than 0.01 ETH. The entire amount will be transferred to your digital wallet, specified during registration in one day.

The amount of remuneration per user is not limited. You’ll receive more rewards, if you advise the exchange to a greater

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