Unique technology Any2Any (A2A) – what is it and how does it work?

Recently, there are lots of new crypto exchanges. All of them work due to alike criterion. But some exchanges reported about quick launching of the most advanced Any2Any (A2A) technology. However, this technology is used only on the exchange 50x.com. Let’s gain insight on 3 questions about this new technology:

  1. Any2Any (A2A) technology – what is it?
  2. How does Any2Any (A2A) technology work?
  3. What advantages does Any2Any (A2A) technology have?

What is Any2Any (A2A) technology?

Any2Any (A2A) technology is word-for-word “Any to Any”. And this title is an accurate representation a content of technology. It is instrumental in trading any currency on a direct basis to any other.

Usual exchanges permit to trade any currency paired with the main ones: BTC, ETH, USDT (there are also added different “key” coins now) or currency of the exchange. So, to changeover from one currency to another, a switching to one of the stated above currencies is needed, and it means additional fees and installation lead time or establishing of orders.

By the aid of Any2Any (A2A) technology on the exchange 50x.com there is an opportunity to trade any currency to any one. For comparison, look at features of currency pair selection:
The currency pairs selection on the exchange 50x.comFor a trader, it is enough to choose two currencies, in which he is interested and then set an order. So the trader spares the time for this transaction and funds on commission, because he’ll pay not twice, but once.

How does Any2Any (A2A) technology work?

Let’s discuss it as compared to other exchanges. Everyone makes it a routine: to execute the order, you need to wait for the back-to-back order just in this pair. So, it’s not so easy to be in receipt of a large-size order, especially in currencies with low liquidity.

The Any2Any (A2A) technology allows trading not only in the order book of a specific currency pair, but at all market at once. The developers of exchange 50x.com created a trading core business, that entertains the cross rates of all currencies at the same time. So, the system “looks” all orders for all currency pairs at the same time, analyzes the current rates of all currencies. And it is able to put through all orders, that fulfil a condition of each other at some instant in time. In this case the A2A token provides a single system of calculation in compliance with the rates for all users.The mode of operations of A2A What does it mean in practice? For example, I set a BCH / DASH order. The trading core business “looks” my order and compares the rates of both coins to all others. If at some time the core business “looks” orders, for example, in pairs BCH / USDT, USDT / LTC and LTC / DASH, which fulfil a condition of my order according to the rate at the moment – it will execute all these orders. If the order’s total volumes are at variance, then some of them will be executed in part, and the smallest one – completely.

Looks like the A2A trading core business can not only execute 2 back-to-back orders in one order book, as on any usual exchange. It forms and executes the chains of orders. However, the more coins and the greater number of traders will be on the exchange – the longer chains will be formed. It makes the trading on the exchange more profitable, because the core business becomes hard attached to the price in orders. If at some moment the cross-rate allows to execute an order according to the better price, than referred by trader – the system will do it such way. So, the number of users and orders is growing, and trading on the exchange 50x.com becomes more profitable. It is really because of the Any2Any (A2A) technology.

The advantages of the Any2Any technology (A2A)

Trading on the exchange 50x.com using A2A technology has lots of advantages:

  1. The trading on a direct basic between any currencies, removing the role of BTC, ETH and other currencies.
  2. Cost saving on the fee.
  3. Declining number of trading activity.
  4. High liquidity in any currency pair by the aid of liquidity’s floating using A2A technology.
  5. Possibility of obtaining the more sharp exercise price.

Assess advantages of trading with Any2Any (A2A) technology: Button_Exchange_50x.com

How Any2Any technology works – simple words in video:

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